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unique camera straps

For professionals bussines card on the neck, a favorite design for hobbyists. You can choose the strap from our permanent collection or splash out and create your unique design!

Our brand creates unique straps for cameras. We apply patterns, drawings and inscriptions to them. You can also create any project without worrying about size, colors or number of ideas. First of all, we pay attention to the quality of workmanship, because we know how heavy equipment our straps will carry. The customers themselves admit that wearing cameras in different conditions is much more enjoyable than before. From today you can wear an elegant business card on the neck, and choose a favorite theme, quote or pattern for everyday use!

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Why do you want to advertise the manufacturer’s camera strap? Only with us you can create your dreamy belt!



Ready projects created by us and our designers. You can learn more about construction and fabrics. 





camera strap belt custom


Strap for everyone. The matt white derma with shiny leaves evokes an unusually warm photo-memories.

custom camera strap belt strapophilia


Strap of a real man. Black minimalism with mustache.



Perfect for long, winter evenings. The pink version will suit Her, and the gray one will be perfect for Him.

camera strapophilia strap belt

Black feathers

Light addition for the camera. A little bit of adventure, a lot of elegance.

We are Strapophilia, brand run by three people: Magda, Konrad and Asia, since 2013. What connected us is friendship, inseparatability and a lot of fun. Each of us comes from a different part of the universe, but together we make real perfection!
We're a little bit weird, slightly hyperactive people with too much madness and enthusiasm. We're entirely bonkers, but we'll tell you a secret - all the best minds are!
Everything we do is full of passion. We give 110% of us just for you, so you always are very welcome to join us in admiring the results. We have found the perfect way to combine work and fun. Once we felt we could conquer the whole world, we stick to that.
Everything we create is done in our workshop. Unique space with a table, a computer desk and sewing machine is the cosy place where magic happens. The very creative 10 sqm.
We have really busy minds full of ideas, and we want to surprise you constantly, so stay tuned. It's definitely worth it.

We wouldn't achieve much without all of your support, so a big big thank you for being with us!


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